An Easter Poem

The Ridicule,the lashes, the passion

No One has endured such a death.

A Death that was the Fathers will,

That he Might live, as he drew his Last Breath.


They Laid Him Gently in a Tomb

He was Buried in accordance to Jewish ways.

His words to be Forgotton,

When he had told them He would arise in three Days.


As the Sun grew Bright in the Morning sky,

Hope was Born that he would Survive.

~Hope Beyond the Tomb~

Because Jesus is alive!


God Had a Purpose when Jesus was Born.

He would be the King of Gods Kingdom.

~The King of Glory.

Reigning as Gods own Son.



Jesus our Lord LIVES,He Arose!

The Cross was Just the Start.

Because it all went beyond the Tomb, we have Hope.

Jesus saved us and lives witin our Heart.


Marla J Starry

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